Payment plans

Tanzanite Man does accept payment plans!

Please note that due to taznanites continuously rising in price there is a small fee with each payment plan

3 months: 5% of the total price of the crystal

6 months: 10% of the total price of the crystal

Terms of payment plan:

  • We will decide between a 3 and 6 month payment plan. The crystal will be shipped once payment is completed. You can pay the crystal off faster than the original plan to get the item early!
  • Payments must be made every month based on the plan. For example a $3000 crystal on a 3 month payment plan must pay 1k a month.
  • An initial non refundable deposit of 20% must be paid to hold the crystal. This is because I am taking the product off the market for you for a long period of time in which it would have sold otherwise. This is to protect me and make sure you are serious about purchasing the crystal.
  • If you fail to make payments based on the time we agree on, the crystal will go back on sale to the public. You can still make your payments on the crystal to try to pay the balance. If another customer purchases the crystal, you will be fully refunded minus the 20% deposit.
  •  No returns on payment plans so please make sure you love it before you buy it! If you need more videos of anything you can always ask